While there are many businesses that did not truly understand how to use the Internet at first – it’s hard to explain why a successful company doesn’t have a digital presence these days. In modern times, consumers are constantly searching the Internet to find out more about brands and/or businesses, and that’s why Instagram is a great tool for helping these businesses grow. Of course, there are still business owners that still might be unsure as to how to use the platform. Here are some quick ways to use Instagram to your business advantage.

A great video that shows you how to use Instagram

Humanize Your Company

It doesn’t matter whether you own a grocery store, an auto shop, or a bar – people want to connect with other people. If you are simply showing off scenes of your business, or pictures of your logo; it isn’t the same as showing off your employees. If you are constantly displaying your employees along with facts about them; this might help offer some connection. For example, let’s say that you are a fan of a bar. You might stop by and enjoy the friendly atmosphere, only to find out through the Instagram that there are smiling bartenders that enjoy the same hobbies that you do, and that a live music show is also happening soon.

This might help to humanize the business, and encourage consumers to visit your business more often. This will lead to more revenue, which will lead to more profits. The Instagram might also provide clips of the owner speaking and offering ideas, and there can even be Instagram Lives where the staff answers questions and concerns that you might have. This increased interaction might lead to more connection and engagement, which will help customers feel more familiar and at home with the company.

Explore Other Similar Businesses

This is a great way to see how other successful businesses are using the social platform. This can help you by giving you a head start and learning how they are communicating with their customers.

Just make sure you find similar business that are doing well, this means doing your research and if they have a profile that’s private. You can still view private instagram using online tools.


One of the tools widely used in Instagram is hashtags. This allows you to tap into larger communities of people, where you might collaborate or interact with other brands that can help boost your exposure. While you might have competition that might not be interested in helping, the truth is that using the right Instagram hashtags can help you reach thousands, and perhaps even millions, of users. You can target demographics with certain hashtags that can explore your following, which can then lead to more awareness about your brand.

This is especially helpful if you are a brand that can ship your product worldwide, because (unlike a local bar) – anyone in the world is your potential customer. Either way, hashtags can help businesses of all kinds expand significantly.

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