Business development is a perennial exercise. It is one of the quintessential requirements for growth and sustenance. Every company, regardless of the industry and its size or market cap, will have to deal with what is known as a boom and bust cycle. Economic expansion and contraction happen at all levels. It is not just the gross domestic product or per capita income that reflects the true picture of the economy. Numerous microeconomic and macroeconomic realities have to be considered. A company will need to invest in ongoing strategic business development to expand and to sustain itself. There are many business development strategies that have been proven to be effective across industries. Some are demanding and costlier. Some are more affordable but equally effective. Affordable work vehicles are a fitting way to assist your larger business development strategy.

Branding your work vehicle is a good idea

You can turn work vehicles into mobile billboards. All you need is a vehicle wrap or some kind of signage that advertises the name of your business, possibly the phone number as well and you may also include a promotional tagline or the motto of your company. Innumerable companies around the country use their work vehicles for this purpose. There is no reason why you should not or cannot. It is not necessary to have larger than life fonts or signs on vehicles, to an extent that the actual design or aesthetics of the car or truck is completely altered. You can have subtle signs or relatively smaller fonts for your business name. There are clever ways to use distinct designs that can be catchy and yet not impair the visual aesthetics of the vehicle.

Companies can use their work vehicles for business development. It is possible for companies to use the vehicles of some of their employees to sport a sign. There can be a reasonable incentive for the employees who sign up for this. The owners and executives or senior management can definitely take the lead and others can follow. Companies that operate a fleet of vehicles must definitely use them as mobile billboards. Thousands and potentially millions of people will see those vehicles on the roads over a period of time. They would at least get to know about the business even if they do not need the products or services being offered.

State of the art signage, stickers or vinyl wraps and other materials that are used on vehicles are completely safe, legal and removable. There will not be any trace of the material after it has been removed by a professional. Application is also quite easy and not an expensive proposition. Using affordable work vehicles such as a Ford Transit, Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, Volkswagen Transporter, Vauxhall Vivaro or any other brand or model you may have at your discretion can change the odds and your business shall stand to gain from the phenomenal exposure. Every affordable and relevant way to enhance exposure must be seriously considered, tactfully explored and effectively implemented by all kinds of businesses.

Finding an affordable business vehicle

Finding the right business vehicle at the right price can be tough, especially if you are on a limited budget. There are several options for getting a work vehicle these include:

  • Leasing or renting a vehicle
  • Buying a new vehicle (with or without finance)
  • Buying a used vehicle

Which option is right for you?

Leasing or renting a vehicle

This is a good option if you’re looking for a reliable vehicle. A lot of leasing companies offer services, tyres, MOT’s and this makes it a stress-free way to get on the road. The biggest cost is usually the initial deposit which you would have to pay when you get the new vehicle. This can cost around a few thousand pounds depending the vehicle you have chosen. After this it’s usually £200-£500 a month depending on the deal you got.

Buying a new vehicle

There are several ways to do this, you can either pay for a new vehicle through your business or if that isn’t an option some businesses get finance on their vehicles.

Buying a used vehicle

There are literally thousands of work vehicles on the used car/van market all over the UK. Make sure you shop around to make sure you are getting the best deal. It’s also worth data checking any vehicle you want to buy to avoid getting ripped off. There are plenty of vehicle data checking websites around, one I have used is who offer data checks for less than £10 which can reveal if the vehicle has any outstanding finance or any hidden history.

The Right Choice?

Making the right choice is difficult when it comes to buying or leasing a work vehicle and of course the right choice will be based on your business circumstances. Overall, it’s safe to say leasing a vehicle is probably the best option for any VAT registered businesses in the UK as almost all van leasing companies charge VAT.

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