If you’ve been looking for a way to enjoy everything that North East England has to offer, without having to make the drive up the coast (or flying into the area from around the world), it just doesn’t get much better than checking out some of the great Instagram accounts that highlight the landmarks that make this part of the UK so special.

All of the Instagram accounts we highlight below will shine a bright light on North East England, giving you a chance to see some of the most beautiful parts of the UK without having to worry about London steal the spotlight.

These pages are regularly updated with new content (especially the first three), and they can help you to build a visual travel itinerary if you’re going to be heading to the North East of England any time soon!


Let’s jump right in.


The official Instagram account for England in its entirety, you won’t have any trouble whatsoever finding amazing pictures and short videos of North East England on this page.

Some of the UK’s best and brightest photogs are responsible for the content here, and each one of the new posts to this Instagram are designed to showcase only the most interesting and beautiful locales around the nation.

Other parts of England will obviously be showcased on this account as well, but you’d have to be a little crazy not to follow this account (like 2.9 million others) if you want to get a feel for England online.



An exciting and vibrant place to live in North East England, this account is setup specifically for the Durham county and is used by people throughout to the region to share their love and admiration for this place they call home.

The editorial style of the content bounces around a bit (because almost anyone can submit shots to the page), but there may not be a better way to get a feel for authentic North East England than this account.



No visit to North East England would be complete without stopping in at some of the quintessentially English pubs and restaurants here, and this Instagram account has you covered!

Showcasing hot spots and local joints from all over England, you’ll find plenty of recommendations for the North East when you visit this page from time to time!



Another of the more popular Instagram pages for all of England, different regions in the UK are featured here quite regularly – with plenty of shots of North East England representing the area well. Check back regularly, as new content is added on an almost hour by hour basis!

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