Tweet bird on a mobile phoneBuilding your business today, especially from scratch, is going to require a serious and strategic focus on your online presence.

It isn’t enough to simply have an online site or online storefront any longer.

You need to have a website, blog, be active on social media, and regularly advertise and market your services and your products on the web to have any chance of real success these days – or you will lose out to global competitors that are pursuing these avenues.

Twitter is one of the most democratic social media platforms around, giving you plenty of opportunity to build and grow not only your business online but also your brand, your influence, and your credibility at the same time. You have to be sure that you are leveraging Twitter strategically to grow your business, and that’s exactly what we hope to help you with below!


Take advantage of Twitter Cards

Twitter Cards give you the opportunity to create tweets that stand out from the rest of your feed automatically, providing you with the ability to create something that cannot be ignored, will not be ignored, and will instead capture the attention of your market or your ideal prospects/customer.

You don’t want to necessarily go overboard with Twitter Cards (or you eliminate their effectiveness and the advantage they provide), but every now and again they can give strategic posts and content a real bump in engagement.


Increase your Twitter follower account

Building a Twitter account is the first step to leveraging this social media platform for business success, but at the end of day Twitter isn’t the Field of Dreams – you can’t just one and then expect them to show up out of the blue.

Instead, you need to strategically work to increase your Twitter follower account so that you aren’t just talking to the ether of the internet. Whether this means creating specific content designed to capture the attention of your market, using paid marketing and advertising approaches, or buying Twitter followers (or – ideally – a combination of all of that and then some) makes no difference. Just be sure that your Twitter follower count is always growing.

As mentioned above some people decide to buy a portion of their Twitter followers which can help give you an initial boost in followers. I have seen many companies offering this as a service and it is fairly cheap like. I found social media monster who sell followers for less than £2. This is a bit of a mixed topic and you will find a lot of different people voicing their opinions in a mixed manner if you dive deeper into it. Overall i think it can’t hurt if you don’t go overboard but that’s just my opinion.


Identify influencers and engage with them

Women Influential SpeakerSocial media influencers exist in every market, in every industry, and in every community and it is your responsibility to identify the social media influencers that can help you build your business most on Twitter, engage with them successfully, and use some of the celebrity, influence, and credibility that they have to your own specific advantage.

Social proof is a huge part of human psychology and a critical tool for you to build real rapport and real influence with complete and total strangers. If you are regularly seen engaging with a social media influencer, especially one that your market already trusts, you are going to earn some of that trust as well – without having to do anything other than engage with them.


Take advantage of Twitter Lists to manage your contacts

As your Twitter follower number grows, you’re going to have more and more people reaching out to you on a regular basis and navigating all of that communication can be a bit of a tough challenge.

Rather than face this uphill battle all alone, you can take advantage of Twitter Lists to cut through the clutter, prioritize some communications over the rest of the flood, and guarantee that you are always in constant contact with your most important Twitter contacts no matter what.


Leverage Twitter Ads to target your in-house or rented email lists

Email marketing is one of the most proven to be effective ways to reach out to your market, to contact more prospects and potential customers, and to build a real relationship with an industry or a community – especially if you are brand-new.

By taking advantage of Twitter Ads and leveraging that platform and that data to improve the quality of your in-house or rented email lists, you’re able to create multi step and multimedia marketing campaigns that are always going to be much more effective than cold call “one-shot” style marketing approaches.

At the end of the day, you’ll want to do everything and anything you can to build your business online into a success. Make sure you are leveraging all that Twitter has to offer and you’ll be able to put yourself on the fast track to the financial future you have always dreamed of!

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